Realtor & Real Estate Appraiser Services in Utah

When it comes to professional real estate appraiser services in Utah, you’ve come to the right place. We work with both residential and commercial property realtors to give their clients the valuation they need to get the most out of their property sale. At ExcelAppraise we help realtors across the state of Utah with the following:

Improving Your Value to Your Clients

There are a couple difficult parts when pricing a home right. One, you need to be certain of the size. And two, giving your client a pricing strategy that will get their home sold quickly for the best price. 

You can obtain the estimated size of the home from the county assessor or even from a previous listing. However, these sources very frequently contain incorrect information as they weren’t performed by an experienced real estate appraiser in Utah.

To reduce and avoid entirely any mistakes on the size of the home made by inexperienced appraisers we offer accurate square footage measurements before you list any of your clients homes for sale. These are called pre-listing measurements. We come to your clients home and measure it before it’s ever listed. You can even use these measurements to update their property record with the Utah County Assessor’s office. It’s important you don’t list a home if you aren’t confident of the market value, and how can you be confident in the market value if you don’t know the true size of the home?

At ExcelAppraise, we offer the following real estate appraisal services in Utah:

Accurate Home Or Office Measurement

As mentioned above, this is the most frequent service request that we receive from and provide to Realtors. When preparing listing documentation, many realtors rely on public records from the County Assessor for the home’s square footage, which are often inaccurate. Mortgage lenders use appraiser measurements because they understand that county information is often unreliable.

Listing Appraisal By A Licensed Real Estate Appraiser In Utah

Most realtors have been in the situation of listing a home for which market data is scarce, leaving you to turn to alternate methods of pricing a home or in the very worst scenario making an educated guess. Don’t guess. You can rely on us to give you detailed and error-free listing appraisals.

Appraisals for Cash Buyer

All parties in a purchase transaction love a cash buyer. If you are representing a cash buyer, they are relying on you to make sure their best interests are protected. Obtaining a real estate appraisal in Utah is a necessary element.

Call An Experienced Real Estate Appraiser In Utah

Whether you have years of experience or you’re just starting out in the industry, some homes are just hard to price correctly. Those more challenging listings require an experienced real estate appraiser that knows Utah property and neighborhood trends. You don’t want to disappoint your clients by not getting the best sale price from an inaccurate valuation.

If you’re looking for the extra confidence in recommending the right price that moves any listing quickly, while getting the highest price, contact ExcelAppraise today!