Home Appraisal To Remove PMI In Utah

We applaud whenever homeowners are able to remove private mortgage insurance from their mortgage payments. It’s an exciting step towards more financial freedom by saving money every month. In most cases the lender that is servicing your mortgage will require that you provide them with an appraisal of your home to help them evaluate the removal of your PMI.

Roughly half of all lenders maintain a registry of appraisers from whom they will accept an appraisal for the purposes of PMI removal. Many other lenders will allow you to provide an appraisal from an appraiser of your own choosing. Before initiating an appraisal request we recommend clarifying with the lender who services your mortgage about any restrictions they may have on appraiser selection.

We hope to become your preferred appraisal group. No matter the situation, we sincerely congratulate you on this financial step!