Get An Appraisal Before Listing Your House In Utah

Selling a home is a huge decision. Many factors go into making sure it all works out in your favor as a seller. One of the single most important is making sure that you’re pricing your home correctly. You want to ensure that the listing price is just right. This can be a deeply complicated process with a great many potentially serious pitfalls. If you put the home on the market with too high an initial price, you may turn off many potential buyers. If you put a price that is too low from the start, you could be missing out lots of valuable, tax free profit that you can use to purchase your next home.

This is why you should hire our company once you’re ready to sell your home in Utah and get an appraisal list in Utah. At our company, we fully understand the entire listing process from start to finish. We’ve been in business for many years in Utah. In the process we’ve gained many useful insights about the state housing market. We know how to get the job done right from the start. We’ll come to your home and help you get things in order in every way. We’ll make sure that you can put your home for sale under the best possible circumstances. That will ensure that once you’re ready to put the home on the market it’s all there ready and waiting for your potential buyers from the very start.

The Benefits of an Appraisal Before Listing

There are many benefits to an appraisal before listing in Utah.

These include:

  • Realistic pricing,
  • Neutral and objective,
  • A third party,
  • Accurate comparisons,
  • Backup on any offers,
  • A true size estimate,
  • Improvement possibilities,
  • Help in a seller’s market,
  • and low initial costs


Realistic Pricing

One of the single most important things all buyers look at when it comes to buying a home is the price. When you have an appraisal list in Utah from the start, you have a ballpark guideline you can use to come up with a good number. That allows you to get the home on the market for the right price from the very beginning of the process.

Objective and Neutral

It can be very hard to get objective and neutral advice in any housing market. That’s why you need help from our company. We offer a thoughtful look at all aspects of the property from varied angles. Our experts know you love your home. They also know that it can be hard to examine the home from many angles and come up with a real price. You need someone who cares about your home but can help you see it in the right light using objective and neutral data. We offer an accurate appraisal list in Utah.

Reliable Third Party Information

Many parties are involved in the typical appraisal before listing in Utah. This includes the real estate agent, the seller and any financing help. Of all the parties involved, the person doing the appraisal is the one who only has one interest. They are a third party that just wants to make sure the data you get is verifiable and easy to read. They also want to ensure the home is looked at from all angles. They’ll come to the backyard, look up the attic and bring a flashlight in the crawl spaces. They know how to do an appraisal list in Utah that offers lots of extremely useful details. That’s our promise to all of our clients.

Accurate Comparisons

Accurate comparisons between one home and the next can be quite tough. It’s not always clear how to figure out which features are important and sort them out properly. One home may have a lot of acres while another has an updated kitchen and bathrooms. An appraisal list in Utah can clarify matters. The process of having an appraisal before listing in Utah can clear up any issues that might arise as the home is put on the market.

For example, it can point out factors that will influence the ultimate interest and price paid in the end. This includes specifics such as the quality of the materials used in the construction of the home as well as the condition of the basement, fixtures and additions such as a pool.

Back Up During The Negotiation Process

Before putting a home on the market, keep in mind that even in a buyer’s market the seller may have immediate offers. If the home is priced right, this can help. At the same time, there may be some who wish to see if they can lowball the sellers. In that case, it helps to have a detailed appraisal list in Utah indicating the real value of the home.

A True Size Picture of Your Home

The size of a home can be quite vague. Even if you have purchased it from a home builder, it’s not always clear exactly how much square footage you have inside it. When you have an appraisal on hand, this indicates precisely how much room you have in your home. The appraisal service will involve measuring the entire home from basement to the attic. That is very useful. It means that you can accurately list just how much square footage you have once you put it up for sale.

Room For Improvement

Every single home has lots of room for improvement. Little changes can make a big difference in how the sellers see the home and your overall curb appeal. An appraisal can indicate the best places for improvement. For example, if there is a problem with the stairs, an appraisal can indicate a low cost way to get them fixed quickly. An appraisal can also point to minor issues that can be fixed quickly and easily. That can save the homeowner money by ensuring they are directing the home repair budget to places where it is most likely to pay off financially.

Seller’s Market Assistance

In a seller’s market, you need all the help you can get. That’s why a really great appraisal can help you with your buyers. This means having lots of accurate information the second they come into your home. That’s why you’ll give them an appraisal they can read once they have a look at your home. Buyers appreciate having sellers who are prepared to understand the real value of their homes and offer them a list of the reasons why the home is priced right.

Easily Affordable

Of all the many reasons why you really need an appraisal before listing your home in Utah, there’s one reason that stands out. The appraisal is easy, accurate and affordable. Selling a home means spending thousands of dollars on closing costs and lots of hours getting the home ready for buyers. A home appraisal before listing in Utah can make the process so much easier. You have ready information on hand for a small price. That allows you to make all sorts of important decisions about your home before you put it on the market.

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