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Customers searching for residential or commercial real estate of all sizes have benefitted from our fast and accurate appraisals. Our Utah property appraisers have the technical experience our clients are looking for. Don’t believe us, believe those that have worked with us. You won’t regret working with our professional staff. Not only will we answer all of your questions, but we’ll even throw in a free quote.

Customers We’ve Helped With Property Appraisals In Utah

ExcelAppraise is home to the best property appraisers in Utah! Our personalized service, straightforward appraisal process and fast turnaround have helped our real estate clients get the properties they want when they need them. We keep not only customers, but friends for life here at ExcelAppraise.

What a professional!

What a professional. Joel is always on-point with the market and delivers appraisals in a timely and efficient manner. All in all, Joel is a joy to work with!
Anna Seegmiller

I highly recommend them!

Joel helped me out with a difficult access road situation. He gave me a fair honest assessment of the situation and helped me until it was resolved. If you need an appraisal or advice I highly recommend them.
Tyler Leggett

Professional, courteous and accurate.

Just what you want when you need an appraisal. Joel is so friendly and knowledgeable. If you need an appraisal done on time and with confidence then look no further.
Mickael Sorensen

7 Years Running

Joel and everyone in their office are great at what they do! I have worked with them for 7+ years and look forward to many more years working with them.
Kimberly Fry

Most knowledgeable appraiser

Joel Frost is by far the Best most knowledgeable appraiser I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
Janet Eakin

ExcelAppraise Delivers

I usually call them needing a quick response and they deliver. I respect & trust Joel and will continue to use him for years to come.
Erin Mehler

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