Property Tax Appeal For A High Tax Assessor Valuation in Utah & Salt Lake County

Each year most of us pay taxes on, or before April 15th. If you own a home, you also pay property tax. Periodically, a Utah or Salt Lake County Tax Assessor from your local government will assess all the real estate within their county that they tax. You’ll receive this new assessment in the mail during tax season. The letter includes your lot size of your house and land, a new property tax assessment for Utah or Salt Lake County, and any other information about your property.

For some this valuation isn’t always welcome because the higher the valuation on your property, the more you pay in property tax. In this instance you’ll want a new tax assessment for Utah or Salt Lake County’s records.

What is a property tax assessment by a Tax Assessor in Utah?

In Utah, a tax assessment is an example of a situation in which you will desire a lower valuation of your property, since the amount of taxes you owe is directly proportional to the value of your home. If you feel that your taxing authority has valued your home higher than it is actually worth, you are probably paying more taxes than necessary and you may want to dispute the value with the Assessor.

Your Salt Lake or Utah County Tax Assessor will multiply the local tax rate by your home’s assessed value to get your property tax bill. This can vary slightly from county to county

Challenge it immediately if you suspect the Tax Assessor in Salt Lake County or Utah County have valued your home higher than it should be. Typically, taxing authorities set their own timeline and you have about 30 days to appeal your property tax in Utah. In your letter, they’ll outline in black how to do this.

How can I lower my property taxes in Utah?

In Utah, Tax Assessors (a.k.a. appraisers who work for the county) are reluctant to change their valuation of your home without some sort of substantial market information. There are many ways to provide market information to the Tax Assessor, but a formal appraisal from a qualified professional is the surest way to rebut an inflated tax assessment in Utah or Salt Lake County.

If you can show that the Tax Assessor assigned your home a higher valuation, it’s possible to lower your property tax and appeal it in Utah. At ExcelAppraise we work with many clients doing tax appraisals to ensure that their home is worth less than its assessed value.

How do I appeal a property tax valuation in Utah?

Once you’ve conducted thorough research and have received a professional tax appraisal you can call your local Utah or Salt Lake County Tax Assessors office. You can request a formal review if they are unwilling to discuss the assessment over the phone. It can take a few months for them to complete the process and come to a final decision.

You’ll receive the reviews decision in the mail. If you weren’t successful, then you can appeal your property tax in Utah to an independent review panel. You can find more information regarding Salt Lake County’s property tax appeal process here.

Much like showing up to court without a lawyer, you do not want to challenge your local Tax Assessor in Utah on your own. Our professionals at ExcelAppraise have vast experience in appraising homes for property tax appeals in Utah. Please contact us anytime so we can help you navigate this process.