Request A Quote For A Home Appraisal Cost In Utah

There’s no place like home, is a typical saying. So how do you put a price on something that is priceless?

To figure out how much your home is worth you have to get a professional appraisal quote in Utah. Then you’ll officially know just how much your priceless home costs.

But home appraisals cost money in Utah. So how much exactly?

How much does a home appraisal cost near you in Utah?

So how much does a home appraisal cost in Utah? That largely depends on the size of the home. For single-family homes a typical appraisal quote in Utah will be around $450-$500.

But this is a standard price. Utah appraisal quotes increase if:

  • You own a large home. The larger the area is to appraise, the higher the cost will be to assess the home.
  • The bank is lending you a jumbo loan. Typically this happens when the home is bigger or you live in a desirable, higher priced area.
  • You live in a desirable location. In this case, it’s hard to give a normal appraisal quote in Utah because there aren’t many homes that sit on mountain tops or have beach views.
  • You have a unique home. If your home is particularly unique and there are not other homes in your neighborhood like it, then it is likely the appraisal quote will be higher since your appraiser won’t be able to look at similar home costs in Utah.

Who pays the appraisal cost in Utah and when is the appraisal fee paid?

This depends on if you’re building or not. If you’re building a home in Utah, you usually pay the appraisal cost when you buy the home and pay your other closing costs.

Otherwise, the home appraisal cost in Utah is not a part of the closing cost. Your lender will order the appraisal, and typically the buyer will pay the appraisal cost in Utah, unless they negotiate having the seller pay for it.

Are home appraisal quotes in Utah free?

Not all home appraisal quotes in Utah are free. At ExcelAppraise, this isn’t the case. We offer free home appraisal quotes throughout Utah. We also offer affordable home appraisal costs in Utah for residential and commercial properties. Why pay for hidden fees when you can get a free quote by a leading appraisal company?

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