We are now teaching Realtor CE regularly!

Great news for Realtors! We can get you some CE!

As an Appraiser and Realtor I see many opportunities that both Appraisers and Realtors to help bridge a gap of communication that exists in many transactions. Most of the times the communication gap isn’t an intentional road block that is thrown up by either side, but with some simple conversations we can start communicating better. I feel uniquely qualified to speak about this topic. With that in mind we are thrilled to announce 4 hours of CE that we are now regularly teaching to Realtors!

You can view all of our upcoming events and classes on our events page. Here is a description of our approved CE, and instructions on booking a course for you and your clients. Many lenders will want to host a CE event that we teach. Many brokers will want to schedule a private class for their brokerage. We enjoy helping both lenders and real estate brokers in this way!


Come learn how to actually read an appraisal in a way that will help your buyer and seller. There are so many things that Realtors are passing up because they only look at the appraisal when it “comes in low”. This class will teach you all the information in an appraisal, where to find it, and how it can make you look like a Hero Realtor.


The MLS took away auto-adjustments for CMAs which has caused chaos for many agents committed to doing their job accurately. You will learn ACTUAL HANDS-ON methods for determining adjustments and how to apply them into your practice. You will leave knowing how to determine market-based adjustments using several methods.

PULLING COMPS LIKE AN APPRAISER elective 1-3 hours depending on your time and needs.

Come take the best class in Utah about selecting comps using the same methods that Appraisers use. Have you ever had an appraisal with a few comps that just didn’t fit? Have you ever performed a CMA that you weren’t 100% confident in your market data? The 1st hour is all the information you need to pull comps like an appraiser. The 2nd session (2 hours) we will actually pull comps together. You will get live feedback from peers and from an appraiser about comps. We can teach this class live for the 1st hour, and then schedule an online class for the 2nd session (2 hours) if you’d like. In any case, all students need a laptop for the 2nd session to participate in the class.

At ExcelAppraise, our goal is to network with your company. Would you like to schedule a class at your office? Please email us to schedule a class! classtime@excelappraise.com. Please be sure to include the dates and times you are inquiring about.

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