House Appraisal Services in Orem, UT

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Are you looking to purchase or sell your home? Have you been struggling to find a qualified appraiser? Well, if that’s the case, you have come to the right place. For starters, you are not the only one facing this challenge. With the increasing number of real estate agents nowadays, it can be difficult to choose an experienced appraiser to represent you.

Thankfully, ExcelAppraise is here for you. If you’re seeking commercial or house appraisal services in Orem, Utah, we’ve got you covered. Our appraisers’ service cut across the public and private sector. We offer affordable services to residents of the larger Utah area, and our expertise has helped in thousands of commercial and residential appraisals.

As the leading provider of house appraisal services in Orem, Utah, our appraisers are able to meet any client expectations through an integrated approach. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

Divorce Appraisal in Orem, Utah

A typical divorce is normally full of hassle. If you are experiencing one right now, we understand how rough things might be on your side. That’s why we are here to relieve you of that extra load. We believe that no one should be subjected to additional pain and stress as a result of an inexperienced divorce appraisal when a divorce involves real estate.

In this case, there are two options homeowners can take when it comes to settlement and divorce appraisal. In the first scenario, the home can be sold and the proceeds be divided among the parties. In the second scenario, one party can purchase the other partner’s equity. In both scenarios, it is important to have an accurate valuation of your house appraisal in Orem, Utah. This is to be performed by a licensed divorce appraisal as no judge or court can provide a valuation of your home.

By looking at both the market value and the net proceeds to be split between the two parties, your appraiser is able to determine the value of your property and its reasonable selling price. Both parties normally pay for the appraisal unless one party is buying out the other party.

You don’t have to sell your home when going through a divorce if it is an inheritance, gift, or if you bought it before marriage. If it was purchased after marriage, however, the home will be split evenly. In most instances though, you will have to sell your home. For this reason, it is necessary to have a licensed divorce appraiser. So, if you’re looking for someone with unmatched experience to handle your divorce appraisal with utmost confidentiality and integrity, don’t hesitate to contact ExcelAppraise. We strive to provide unbiased opinion when it comes to dividing assets.